Strong partnerships

ProActive cooperates with leading suppliers to fulfill our customers’ wishes and demands for software and services.


ProActive is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner in 10 different competence areas. This means that we are capable of delivering solutions and services based on a large range of Microsoft technologies such as Office 365, Azure, Enterprise Mobility Suite, SharePoint, Project and Dynamics 365.

All ProActives architects and developers are certified in the newest technology from Microsoft. 

Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner

ProActive is the preferred Microsoft Partner, and throughout the past years we have won a number of Microsoft awards:

  • Microsoft Country Partner of the Year 2018
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2017
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2017 - Digital Transformation - Empowering Employees
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2017 - Cloud Infrastructure
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2016 - Cloud Infrastructure
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2015
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2015 - Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2015 - Enterprise
  • Microsoft Country Partner of the Year 2015
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2014
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2014 – Customer satisfaction 
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2014 – Cloud Services 
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2013 – Cloud Services 
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2012 – Cloud Services 
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2012 – Portals and Collaboration 
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2011 – Customer satisfaction 
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2010 
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2010 – Portals and Collaboration 
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2010 – Business Productivity Online Suite 
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2009 – Customer satisfaction 
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2008 – Information Worker



Nintex is one of the world’s leading producers of add-in products for Microsoft SharePoint and their products are used by thousands of SharePoint customers all over the world. Nintex’ products extend the functionality of SharePoint and Office 365 and provides great opportunities to deliver user-friendly and productivity enhancing SharePoint and Office 365 applications to the end user.

ProActive is the leading Nintex Partner in Europe (Winner of Nintex Partner Awards 2012 Business Excellence). 



Metalogix is a leading supplier of Content Lifecycle Management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange. Metalogix enables organizations to scale and administrate, migrate, save, archive and protect the company’s content in a cost efficient way.



WorkPoint Server is a complete project management system that is built on SharePoint. WorkPoint is a standardized solution that enables to save huge amounts of resources on development and programming. 


TransformData resell the product-line Repstor that extends Outlook and Office with a structural display of those parts of SharePoint that are relevant to the given user. Through easy drag-and-drop functions it provides easy filing of emails and documents. is a cutting-edge virtual assistant that aims to revolutionize how users manage their project and initiatives and interact with project management software. Users can communicate with Otto using natural language which is converted into actions within their project management software. PMOtto uses revolutionary algorithms and machine learning to provide its users with recommendations based on similar projects and available information.



ClickDimensions is a recognized e-mail marketing and marketing automation tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that makes it easy and efficient to create and broadcast newsletters and e-mail marketing campaigns, and subsequently to track the recipients response. Furthermore ClickDimensions contains many other functionalities which is all embedded in Microsoft CRM as if it was an expansion of the standard functionality.


Columbus is widely recognized as a global leader in maximizing efficiency and business performance for companies within the food, manufacturing and retail industries.



Scribe Software Corporation develops cost effective integration solutions for Microsoft Dynamics and other business applications. Scribes solutions are easy to customize to specific business needs.


Absalon CRM

Absalon International is a Swedish based software company that develops industry specific ISV-solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which helps leading global companies to achieve success.



ProActive is a Sitecore Certified Solutions Partner and we have a close collaboration with Sitecore in delivering Sitecore based CMS solutions for Danish companies and organizations.



We are chosen as the supplier on a SKI framework agreement for the public sector and can deliver solutions and services within electronic cooperation solutions, Content Management and system integration on competitive terms.

As a SKI supplier we comply with a number of minimum criteria within quality, environment and social responsibility that SKI has set up in relation to the given range/supply.