Engage the users and succeed with your IT implementation

Regardless of which new solution you present for your users and how good this is, it can be difficult to create success without engaged users. If the users don’t engage in the solution and use it actively, the solution and the project have failed. This is why it is important to keep focus on User Adoption in relation to a project or the launch of a new solution.
Having this focus can ensure:

  • Diminishing resistance in the organization 
  • A positive atmosphere prior to the launch of the solution 
  • The users will engage in and use the solution faster and keep on using it 

A 360 degree process

Adoption is a continuous and circular process with the users as the focal point.

Change Management

It is all about getting an early start and focus on engaging the users from the starting point to the “Go Live” point and after the solution is launched.

It’s all about:

  • Creating awareness and interest in the new solution 
  • Create a desire for the users to engage and contribute to the solution 
  • Give users knowledge on how the solution will affect and help them 
  • Ensure that users have the abilities to take the solution into use
  • Ensure ongoing commitment to the solution

How can we help?

Our business consultants can help you define a strategy and a plan for Adoption initiatives. We help you define what messages should be communicated to the users and when, which communication channels should be used, how the users will be educated and make a plan for what will happen after the launch.