Cloud Transition

How do you move safely to the cloud with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure?

For many companies it is beneficial to transition from on-premises IT operations to the cloud. In most cases, it results in major savings and increased productivity. However, the variety of cloud services can make it difficult to choose which services support which business processes.

Next comes the question on how to ensure that relevant data and well-functioning processes is preserved, and how to ensure that the employees uses the new services and that they become more productive.

Safe transition into the cloud

ProActive is a certified Microsoft Cloud advisor, and has many years of experience in helping organizations transition from on-premises servers to the cloud with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

We can help your business to secure a safe and successful transition to the cloud, not only with the set-up and data migration but also with the training of your employees and administration of the new services.

We help with the following:

  • Analyzing your current situation and preparation of comparative business cases for the management 
  • Share knowledge on the possibilities with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure 
  • Workshops of inspiration with relevant business units
  • Selection and prioritizing of relevant business processes and supporting cloud services 
  • Project planning Implementation and data migration 
  • Development of individual solution for e.g. LOB processes or hybrid scenarios 
  • Education and training 
  • Setup of dashboards for surveillance of consumption and costs

Cloud transitions seldom stops at the first project. The development of existing and new services is rapid, and it is our finest task to make sure that our customers get inspiration, and help them in adopting the new possibilities with Microsoft Cloud services. We take this task so serious that we systemized it with our Cloud Customer Advantage and Adoption programs.