Focus on serving clients and earning money

A coherent and stable IT infrastructure will minimize the operational burden and downtime and will create a foundation for the business to focus on serving clients and earning money.

ProActive advises about structure, change, streamlining and maintenance of an effective infrastructure whether you wish for an infrastructure on-site, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution. 
ProActive is one of the only partners in Denmark that has profound knowledge of the new possibilities of hosting the business’ infrastructure at Microsoft and we have years of experience with moving part of or the entire infrastructure to the Cloud.

For businesses that face the challenge of upgrading their infrastructure and hardware or are considering changing their supplier it makes sense to assess the possibilities and economical perspectives of moving the infrastructure to a cloud based solution. ProActive have helped a number of companies identifying the possibilities and to decide what was best for their business.

We can design, migrate and operate your IT infrastructure in cooperation with you. We can also advise you about the need for approval by the Data Protection Agency and furthermore answer other questions in relation to data management in Denmark if a hybrid or cloud solution turns out to be the optimal choice for you.