IT strategy

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Cloud, mobile, social computing, big data and so on. The possibilities with IT are changing rapidly and companies and users are demanding new tools and possibilities as never seen before.

An example: A few years ago, it was nice to be able to edit a document in a newer version of Word. Now we want to be able to do this on our mobile device, any given place, and in cooperation with users on the other side of the world, without any obstacles.

At the same time, the IT costs is moving from big up-front investments to subscriptions and from operations to business development.

ProActive have helped many companies reap the benefits of rethinking their IT strategy. A new IT strategy can give you the following advantages:

  • A greater focus on creating value for business 
  • Meet user needs – today, many users are “digital natives” – they grew up with IT and have great expectations 
  • Decrease costs by restructuring and standardization 
  • A proactive instead of reactive IT strategy

A dynamic process

An IT strategy has to be vivid and continuously adapt to the organizational needs and the technological possibilities. It is important to have overall principals, a long-term vision and a concrete and pragmatic implementation that ensures that the strategy is alive in the daily life and that it is helping the organization to move forward.

In ProActive’s view, the IT strategy consists of 4 main areas:

IT strategy

How can we help?

Our business consultants can help you analyze and map the use of IT in your organization and the potential for optimization. We can help you determine a vision, goals, principles, roadmap and governance, and assist in the ongoing deployment.