Mobile Device and Application Management

Give your employees secure and easy access to your company’s systems.

The systems and applications your employees use today are either operated by your company itself, delivered by a hosting provider or by a public cloud provider as an online service.

By defining and setting admission requirements for each system, we can ensure that your users will gain easy access to the systems in a secure way, whether they are located in the company’s own datacenter or in a subscription-based service. We make sure that you can keep track of your users, devices, apps and data in a simple and orderly manner.

Thus, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Easy access to the company systems 
  • Control of company data 
  • Security on devices that accesses company data 
  • Single-sign-on and increased security on user identity
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in the IT department  

Control of user access and data security is important for your business

To have control of user access and to ensure that data is only available for those with the requisite rights is one of the IT departments’ primary tasks. The requirements for this discipline is constantly increased as laws are regulated and revised. Therefore, in most IT departments, there is a great potential for optimization in simplifying and recycling user accesses.

How can we help?

Our cloud infrastructure architects will organize a workshop containing clarification of needs, review and presentation of relevant Microsoft technologies. Based on this workshop they can get a glance of what it will take to establish a foundation for safe access to the company’s data and systems.