Customer Relationship Management

Keep track of your company’s vital relations

It’s vital for your company to nurture and retain the relations with your costumers. Therefore, it’s important that you, and your employees, keep track of the knowledge and information you collect from your costumers and that this is done in a systematic way.

By doing this, you improve your prerequisites of achieving:

• Greater insight in existing and potential customers interests and product preferences
• Greater effect of campaigns and marketing activities
• Targeted customer communication
• More qualified customer leads
• Greater additional sales and new sales
• Better customer service

A continuous cross organizational process

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a continuous and circular process, with the customer as the focal point. The process will often move across multiple organizational units, from Marketing & Sales to Delivery and Service, and contains a number of sub processes. 

CRM process

How can we help?

Our business consultants can help you analyze and map your company’s CRM processes (marketing, sales, service etc.) and business needs. With this knowledge, we can configure and customize a CRM-solution, that supports your company’s business processes.