MT Højgaard

MT Højgaard targeting internal communication with SharePoint Intranet

MT Højgaard launched a new intranet for their 1.800 employees that first and foremost will ensure that the stream of different internal news reaches the right recipients.

Targeted and relevant news for the employees

There are many internal news that has to be distributed but it is not all news that are equally relevant to the different employees in the company. The new intranet will make it easier for MT Højgaards communication department to channel different news to the right employees in the different departments and at different locations.

Also the employees that are mainly located at different building sites can access news on the intranet via smartphone or tablet.

MT Højgaard has many building projects around the world, thus they are a company that is often mentioned in both international and Danish media. To keep the employees informed on these news, a news feed (from Infomedia) was installed. The feed shows all the news where MT Højgaard is mentioned.

IT Enterprise Architecture Manager, Morten Lykke Jensen, says: “The employees are definitely excited about the new intranet, it eased our communication significantly. We have great expectations and ambitions with the new SharePoint platform.”

A central platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration

Now that they came to grips with the communication and distribution of news internally in the organization, the next step will be to address the organizational knowledge sharing and collaboration culture. MT Højgaard has for example created a knowledge system in Notes that they also want to move to SharePoint so that they have one central platform for knowledge sharing.

Likewise the project organization needs a place to collaborate across countries and departments. All in all the target is to utilize the functionality that SharePoint offers to support the core business.