LM WindPower

LM Wind Power handles complex volumes of data in Microsoft Azure

LM Wind Power uses the flexibility and viability in Microsofts cloud infrastructure platform Azure

The challenge

LM Wind Power wanted to make the comprehensive process for qualifying the blades for wind turbines more efficient and flexible for the customers. This process is to ensure conformity between the impact that the turbine and the wind has on the blades, and what the blades are designed to be able to resist. It’s an iterative process where the data exchange between LM Wind Power and each wind turbine manufacturer plays an important part in the overall delivery time.

Therefore LM Wind Power had a new tool developed – LM e-load – which makes the exchange of data far quicker and easier.

The tool is based on a smooth integration with the latest version of wind turbine modelling and the impact calculation software, Bladed 4.1, which generates data in a format that’s compatible with LM e-Load. This enables LM Wind Power to automatically calculate large amounts of data and to establish the exact amount of impact for the customer within 24 hours.


In close collaboration with LM Wind Power ProActive delivered a web solution that which gives LM Wind Powers customers access to the LM e-Load tool. The solution is based on Microsofts cloud platform Azure. The cloud platform offers a highly flexible infrastructure, the highest level of security and a set-up that can operate in Europe, North America and Asia with unlimited scalability as needed. The solution is closely linked to LM Wind Powers existing Microsoft SharePoint intranet in a combined environment where the employees handle the full supply chain.

Senior Manager in Global Technology Office at LM Wind Power, Claus Byskov says: “We had an ambition to create a new type of service for our customers and to implement it without being slowed down by the past. ProActive created the vision with Azure and was excellent at implementation while us being able to correct throughout the process.”