NRGi handles customer service through Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports a number of different business processes at NRGi including customer service, marketing and sales processes.

Customer data spread in different systems

In relation to the establishment of a new customer center, NRGi wanted a new IT system that could ease and streamline the service staff’s work in serving customers.

So far the service staff have had to look up different information on the customers in different systems and this slowed down the work process. NRGi wanted to consolidate information from the different systems in one simple system in order to improve the service of customers across different business areas.

A 360 degree customer view

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM NRGi consolidated all relevant customer data in one system. The service staff gained a 360 degree overview of all the customers’ engagements. The solution is integrated in the customer centers phone system, thus each customers’ data and history is automatically presented on the employees display when answering a call.

A better opportunity for customer segmentation

The sales- and marketing staff has also benefited from the new CRM system. Among other things they gained a better opportunity for customer segmentation in order to target campaigns and offers for each customers’ interests and needs.

Improved sales reporting

Furthermore the renewed overview and the improved sales reporting made it easier for the sales staff to make cross sales and additional sales for existing customers.

Automated workflows

Finally the set-up of automated workflows in the CRM system made time for a number of simple and routinized, but yet time consuming processes, such as address relocations and returned mail.

An integrated solution

The solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 2011 CRM and it’s integrated with the account system SonWin, the industrial system for the supply industry and a telephone system based on Trio and Microsoft Lync. The choice of Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports NRGis strategy on Microsoft as the main technological platform across the company.

Torben Kring, Director of Business Development at NRGi says: “NRGi has worked with ProActive on a number of business critical areas in years, and latest with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 I our customer center. ProActive works as both our business partner and technical supplier. They turned out to be a confident fellow partner in all of our projects.”