AONs insurance brokers increases productivity with a Dynamics CRM solution

AON Denmark A/S implemented a Dynamics CRM solution, which makes their insurance brokers able to calculate, compare and present the insurance premium to the customer in only one system.

Automated calculation process

Before, the broker had to collect offers manually at the different insurance companies and manually create a complete overview of the different insurance offers. Now, the calculation process is automated and the broker can calculate the different premiums just by entering the insurance information at one place.

A general overview in a good looking interface

The solution interface is centered around a wizard in a responsive design based on the newest technology, which supports both PC monitors and smaller screens on mobile devices. This means that the broker can enter all necessary information in the same display and thus keep track of many insurance objects and products.

The entire process in one display

After entering all necessary information the broker can view a comparison of all insurances, similar to, where prices, conditions and coverage can be compared. From the same display, the broker can chose the best offer, accept this and send the offer to the customer through CRM. The entire process is carried out in the same display – also on tablets or other mobile devices when on the move. This is a huge efficiency improvement in the brokers’ daily work.