"I have worked with many local and international consulting firms and ProActive has impressed me with their ability to constantly not just to deliver solutions of very high quality, but also to deliver on time."

Christoffer Castenskiold, Head of Communication, Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank

Strategic collaboration on the development of Saxo Banks internet platform

ProActive has a long term strategic collaboration with Saxo Bank on the development of the banks SharePoint and Dynamics CRM platform.

The solution

Global internet: ProActive developed Saxo Banks newest global website www2.saxobank.com. To a large extent the final solution is customized for Saxo Banks exact needs, and it’s developed through an agile process in close collaboration with project participants from Saxo Bank.

ProActives development team and consultants have worked on the solution constantly since May 2008. They delivered a good-to-go solution within the timeframe and within the budget, with a number of integration points for the underlying systems and data sources, a customized system for handling of regional sites, language varieties and so on. These features will to a high degree become value creating for the core business of Saxo Bank.


The platform is built on SharePoint and it’s provided by virtue of the knowledge and expertise that ProActives different consultants possesses. ProActives innovative team have developed all new features that has never been thought possible in SharePoint.

The project is one of the largest and most customized SharePoint projects that ProActive delivered, and we are proud that the solution has gone live after phase 1 of development. Phase 2 is in progress, and phase 3 is already in the pipeline.