How did SimCorp ensure fast user adoption of Office 365 tools?

How do you ensure that 1200 employees understand the new possibilities and start using the new tools?

SimCorp has chosen Office 365 as the platform for communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration for the organization’s 1200 employees. But how do you ensure that every employee understands the new opportunities, start using the new tools (Yammer, Delve and OneDrive for Business) and becomes more productive using them?

This was the challenge that SimCorp faced after purchasing and implementing Office 365. ProActive helped SimCorp to accommodate this challenge. How? Simply to create transparency on all the new opportunities and to highlight which tools to be used for what purpose.

User Adoption and timely and targeted communication for the relevant users

ProActive’s business consultants have many years of experience in ensuring a successful deployment of Office 365 in large organizations, enabling users to take the technologies into use and ensuring that they are integrated in the organizational processes. Based on this experience we helped SimCorp with the following.

Adoption plan

First, we prepared an overall Adoption plan that relates to 3 different groups in the organization and their individual needs:

  • The users / General employees
  • The support function 
  • Management

In close collaboration with Corporate Communication we communicated to every group with customized messages. In this way, the different types of users received the necessary information about how to use the new platform in due time.

The messages on the new possibilities are supplemented by informal “town-hall-meetings” where the participants can see a presentation of the new opportunities and get inspiration aboout how to use them in making their own work more productive. 

Social knowledge sharing with Yammer

Yammer has been an independent focus area and it’s a new way of working at SimCorp. ProActive helped advising on how this tool can be used and what kind of organizational efforts it takes.

Everything is collected in an Adoption Portal

In this project, there has been different communication channels: meetings, e-mails, news on the intranet, presentations, feedback-sessions, demonstrations and so on. All this was continuously collected in an Adoption Portal where employees will be able to find updated information on the project and all available training materials on each tool in Office 365. In this way, the employees will be able to find inspiration about new opportunities and also stay updated on new initiatives on the platform as a whole.