egetæpper creates transparency of sales opportunities and complaints with Dynamics CRM

egetæpper manages sales and other business processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Egetæpper is one of Europe’s leading companies within design and production of unique and high quality carpets with environmental considerations in focus. The company had an increasing demand for a system and a process that could help them create an overview of sales- and complaint cases and to support the business processes.

An improved overview of the sales process

ProActive helped Egetæpper to implement a Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to be able to manage customers and sales opportunities and to streamline the entire sales process. With customer data retrieved from the economic- and multiple other systems, the sales staff gained an overviews of all customer activities.

Jens Laier, Customer Relations Manager, Egetæpper, says: “We all got a quality boost in both our internal processes but also in our sales processes.”

“ProActive took control from the beginning and helped us throughout the entire process. You could feel that they had experience from other cases, so it helped us a lot to know that we didn’t have to allocate too many resources to the project.”

Control of the complaint process

At the same time, the introduction of the new CRM system gave us an opportunity to streamline our complaint process, so that all complaints are created and processed in CRM. Cases can furthermore be assigned to an overall case responsible according to level of costs and character, as well as reporting on different levels.

Jens Laier says: “We got a simple complaint system that all employees can easily understand.”

Improved integration and collaboration

Altogether, the implementation of the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform contributed to greater coherence and better collaboration among employees in the back office and the external sales staff.