KiMs optimized their quality development, and halved their costs with Office 365

Denmark’s largest producer of chips and snacks replaced a physical mail solution with Office 365 and got rid of hardware and maintenance while minimizing time consumption and consulting costs.

KiMs was established in the early 60’s as a subdivision of Odense Marcipan that produced salty peanuts; they also wanted to have focus items in stores besides Christmas. Today, the company and the 225 employees is Denmark’s largest and most well-known producer of chips and snacks. And, like their old parent enterprise, they are owned by the Orkla Group.

Office 365 is far cheaper than a local solution

Martin Larsen says: “We were faced with an old Exchange-environment that either had to be upgraded at a price of nearly one million pr. Year in three years, or transition to Lotus Notes like most parts of the rest of the Orkla Group. But this would cost us double the amount of money as the former solution.”

So when the company learned about Office 365 they decided to go the Cloud way instead.

Martin Larsen says: “Office 365 has been a great success. Accessibility is great and we have never lost any e-mails or experienced crashes in Exchange. The only real challenge is that we are adding another part to the infrastructure, and this solution requires a more stable internet connection. But that’s okay, because our employees can access their e-mail account everywhere. Not just from their laptop but also from any given mobile phone or tablet. At the same time, there is no maintenance and hardware replacement, just as we minimized our use of consulting hours. It just works really well.”

He adds that the mobile access isn’t given; had KiMs proceeded with a Notes-solution, there would have been a significant cost related to being able to check you e-mails on the phone.

Martin Larsen says: “Furthermore we gained access to SharePoint Online through Office 365 and this has found to be a bonus. First and foremost it gives our employees the ability to access their data everywhere and from any given device.”

Quality management got a boost

”With help from ProActive we developed a complaint system based on SharePoint Online that collects data directly from our local ERP system. It’s extremely valuable because it enables us to consolidate and analyze data on customer feedback and quickly identify any problems in the production or logistics. It’s key for our business and in some way you can say that Office 365 made it possible for KiMs to be even better at one of our absolute focus areas – to deliver high quality products!” Martin Larsen says.

But Office 365 is also in focus in other areas. For example they are developing a system that integrates calendar information in Exchange Online and Lync directly with KiMs telephone switchboard.

Martin Larsen says: “Office 365 is, in my opinion, one of the best Microsoft products since Hotmail. It just works. Our experience with the service has been one of the primary causes that Odense Marcipan is going live with SharePoint Online and Office 365.”