Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival manages marketing and sales activities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In the intensified battle for festival guests Roskilde Festival chose to go for Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a platform and a gathering point for all marketing and sales activities.

Roskilde Festival is the largest festival in Scandinavia and the second largest in all of Europe with 75.000 guests, 30.000 volunteers, 3.000 artists and 200 bands spread on a total of 8 stages. The festival was established in 1971 and works as a not-for-profit organization with 50 full-time employees in a secretariat where 13 is engaged in the sales and marketing department.

Increased competition

In recent years, Roskilde Festival felt an increased competition from new festivals around Europe and this has affected the ticket sales; before, there could be sold out months before the festival started and now it’s a battle to be able to sell all of the tickets.

Increased demands for marketing

This puts pressure on the sales and marketing department that has to use new and inventive means to attract and retain their customers’ interest and loyalty. They had to be more professional in the marketing efforts than ever before. Among other the marketing department has been missing an efficient tool for an easy set-up, editing and broadcasting of newsletters and for keeping track of the recipients, history and click statistics.

Lack of insight in customer data

The broadcast of newsletters is a significant part of the tools that Roskilde Festival uses in their marketing activities; with 150.000 subscribers, the marketing department is sending out approximately 4.2 million e-mails pr. Year. Earlier on, they had no clue what happened with these newsletters after broadcasting them; they didn’t know how many actually received, opened and read the newsletters. In other words they had no insight in existing and potential customers’ response and interests.

Gathering point for all marketing- and sales channels and activities

To improve the sales- and marketing efforts in a strategic way and to be well equipped in the battle for festival guests, Roskilde Festival chose to go with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a platform for all marketing- and sales channels and associated activities.

This is where all data on newsletter subscriptions, previous and potential new guests, Facebook fans and their response on various broadcasts and campaigns are being collected. Thus this platform creates an overview of these data and enables the employees in sales and marketing to focus their efforts based on the knowledge created by the data pool.

Integrated with the website and ticket sales

The CRM solution is integrated with Roskilde Festivals official website and online ticket sales, thus every visitor’s clicks is tracked in CRM. This data can be used by the organization behind Roskilde Festival to target their campaigns by interests, for example by which type of music or specific artists each visitor is interested in.

E-mail marketing

Similarly, the festival can target their e-mail campaigns and newsletters with the new e-mail marketing system, ClickDimensions. This is an add-in product for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions makes it easy and efficient to create and send out targeted newsletters and e-mail marketing campaigns for the different target groups and afterwards enables the employees to track each recipients response – Does he open the newsletter, which links does he click, does it result I the purchase of a ticket and so on.