SharePoint intranet ensures efficient internal communication at Femern A/S

The work on the world’s largest immersed tunnel is a complex logistic task that demands a robust internal communication.

Therefore there is a need for a modern communication platform that ensures that every employee in Femern A/S can access the information they need at any time. Also while working 7 km out in Femern belt.

Northern Europe’s largest infrastructure project requires efficient communication

Femern A/S expects that the building of the tunnel will pick up speed during 2016 and that the transition from the project phase to the construction phase will increase the need for an efficient internal communication.

Ajs Dam, Director of Communications in Femern A/S says: “We need a solid platform that ensures that the internal communications is working 24 hours a day. We have a lot of employees which will be working around the clock on land and at sea and it is crucial that the internal communication is stable and efficient no matter where our employees are located.”

The Femern tunnel is Northern Europe’s largest infrastructure project and the importance of a central information channel for the employees is growing as the company is growing in terms of size and geographical spread.

Focus on relevance, personalization and interaction

First of all Femern needed an intranet to publish and target current internal news effectively. Therefore the intranet solution is built with the key components in ProActives standard SharePoint based intranet product IntraActive Intranet including the news app, which helps ensuring that each employee will primarily be presented with the news and messages relevant for him or her.

Femern wants to have a vivid interactive intranet where the employees will contribute to an active dialogue. Therefore all users’ needs to be able to “like” or comment on news and other current postings.

Furthermore the focus has been on ownership of content and on ensuring that the content of the intranet is relevant and trustworthy, because it was agreed that these elements where lost at the old intranet. Thus the new intranet has an added function that will remind content owners to update the content.