Svendborg Kommune

Svendborg Kommune is optimizing their processes with Office 365

With Office 365, Svendborg Kommune will cut back 30 % of resources on operation of email and calendar functions. Additionally they will get a user-friendly platform that was welcomed by the management and the employees. In the long-run the IT department hopes that services such as Skype for Business and SharePoint can support a significant improvement of processes and functions.

“We will be saving around 30 percent on operational costs compared to today. Potentially, there is a lot more to gain from additional processes after a full transition to Office 365. It’s going to be an amazing and exciting process.”

This is stated by the Head of digitalization- and IT in Svendborg Kommune, Søren Bach Hansen. The municipality transitioned their email and calendar access to Microsoft Office 365 in 2013, from an aging Lotus Notes platform.

Søren says: “Operation of email and calendar is no longer a task that we should use our resources on but it’s a product that we should rather get from the cloud. That’s why I see the transition to Office 365 as the natural step in the process of developing our IT department, from focusing on the technical aspect to focusing mainly on realizing the organizations development requests.

He adds: “An IT department should not focus on the diodes in the server room but on their users’ needs. This is where Office 365 can help deliver transparent and cost effective solutions, which directly supports the organizational needs.

Office 365 was welcomed in the organization

Office 365 was the chosen solution due to a number of different reasons. Among other the solution complies with current legislation on safe handling of sensitive personal data. Furthermore it’s due to the combination of many different services and an easy-to-use tools.

Søren Bach-Hansen states: “When we told about Office 365 it was welcomed by both our employees and the management. They expected the new solution to be smooth, well-functioning and simple to handle. When everyone has to work more efficient there is no point in putting together a politically correct open source solution which no one really likes. Things must be interrelated.

Great expectations for improvement of processes

Søren says: “We are transitioning from old to new with this platform, which not only delivers what we need right here and now, but also has the ability to connect a number of other elements and functions even better than before. For example we have great expectations in the long run for SharePoint and Lync, as they hopefully will help us to integrate and optimize different business processes. Potentially there could be so many advantages in doing so that it would outshine the operational savings of 30 percent.”

Thus the IT department asked colleagues as well as partners to keep a lookout for functions and processes, which in the long run can be optimized with Office 365.

At the same time they are using the transition as an opportunity to set training programs in progress so the employees will be able to use their IT tools more efficiently.

Søren Bach-Hansen says: “The first 250 users will be converted to Office 365 in January 2013 while the rest will be converted throughout the following months. I think it will be a quick process as there is a great desire in the organization to get started.”