TV 2 uses Project Online for effective project management

TV 2 has increased its focus on productivity and management with a new improved Microsoft Project Online solution.

TV 2 Teknik has implemented a Project Online solution, which aims to help project managers and portfolio managers in their daily work as well as improve project productivity.

In a previous analysis process, a number of critical challenges were identified with the old Project Online solution, including:

  • No support for TV 2's project life cycle
  • Lack of overview and overview of the project portfolio
  • A lot of manual work before each steering committee meeting
  • A lot of communication between all parties involved in the project
  • No common project reporting tool was used
  • Inadequate historical data on project status and financial changes throughout project life cycle

ProActive has helped TV 2 solve the aforementioned challenges and has provided a tailor-made Project Online solution with a customized interface, that will make TV 2's project managers use the project management tool to a much higher degree than before.

Microsoft Project Online

Microsoft Project Online is a flexible online solution for project portfolio management (PPM) and everyday work. Delivered through Office 365, Project Online enables organizations to get started, prioritize project portfolio investments and deliver the intended business value—from virtually anywhere on nearly any device.

Automated solution based on TV 2's project cycle

In line with the vision to digitize and automate routine workflows in the projects, ProActive has built a workflow and communication model based on TV 2's project cycle and decision-making processes.

Less manual work and better overview

To minimize the manual work of preparing project status reports for use during steering committee meetings, the solution that has been developed generates these reports based on the relevant project data.

In addition, a better overview of the portfolio of projects has been created, by adding two new portfolio reports with highlights of the important KPIs.

Expectations: Increased productivity

The new Project Online solution will provide a number of benefits for TV 2; First and foremost, the new, innovative and user-friendly interface will make the solution more accessible to users, so that they become more familiar with the application and more productive when using the tool.

Next, the solution's auto-generation of reports should make life easier for project managers. They no longer have to spend time preparing standard status reports as the solution can generate these based on project data.

With the new Project Online solution, TV 2 Teknik has a common Portfolio Management tool, enabling project managers and portfolio managers to perform their work smarter and more efficiently.

“I have been really pleased with ProActive's approach to the project, and their focus on ensuring a workable and efficient solution that will enhance our quality and workflow at TV2. We look forward to Project Online soon being used by our employees."
Magnus Rask Detlif, IT-manager, TV 2.

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