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MT Højgaard offers a modern workplace for their 4000 employees

MT Højgaard is in the process of transforming their traditional contracting business into a state-of-the-art digital workplace.

In 2016, ProActive's consultants conducted a comprehensive analysis together with MT Højgaard with the involvement of the group's subsidiaries LindPro, Enemærke & Petersen, Ajos and Scandibyg. The analysis focused on the company's workflows, systems and documentation, regarding the core processes sales, planning, delivery and service.

The result was an ambitious vision and roadmap for a new digital workplace, which was to completely change how the old contractor business worked. The new digital workplace was also intended to support the board's digital vision by providing employees with essential new tools and skills in their daily lives.

Based on the vision, the following have been implemented during the years of 2016-2017:

  • Deploying Office 365 to the Group's users
  • Shared intranet platform as the gateway to the digital workplace based on IntraActive Intranet
  • Case portal that completely changes and streamlines MTH's work with offers to optimize win rate and collaboration based on IntraActive Workspaces
  • New integrated management system based on IntraActive Mode
  • Work on governance and adoption
ProActive has been our strategic partner, who has been involved in everything from the initial analysis until we started using it. We couldn't have done it without them! "
Kenneth Abraham, Project manager, Digital Arbejdsplads, MT Højgaard

Targeted news for employees

MT Højgaard uses a modern Office 365 based intranet for its 4000 employees, which primarily ensures that the flow of various internal news is sent to the right recipients.

There is a lot of internal news that needs to be communicated, but not all news is equally relevant to all company employees. The new intranet will make it easier for MT Højgaard's communications department to channel the various news out to the right employees in different departments and locations.

Employees who are primarily at construction sites can also read news from the intranet via their smartphone or tablet.

MT Højgaard has many construction projects around the world and is thus also a company that is often mentioned in both Danish and foreign media. In order to keep employees informed about this, a news feed (from Infomedia) has been set up with news mentioning MT Højgaard.

IT Enterprise Architecture Manager Morten Lykke Jensen comments: “The employees are definitely excited about the new intranet, which has facilitated communication considerably. We have high expectations and ambitions with the new SharePoint platform."

A central platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration

Now that the targeting of news is internalized within the organization, the next step is to address the organizational knowledge sharing and collaboration. MT Højgaard has built a knowledge system in Notes, which they would also like to move to SharePoint, so that you have one central platform for knowledge sharing.

Likewise, the project-oriented organization needs a place to collaborate across countries and departments. All in all, the long-term goal is to leverage the functionality SharePoint provides to support the business.

Modern Workplace

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Modern Workplace
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