Application Development

Application Development

Custom made IT solutions when unique business benefits are needed and standard solutions are inadequate.

At ProActive, we work on a philosophy that one or more of the standard solutions offered by Microsoft or one of our many partners in Microsoft's ecosystem can come a long way.

Nevertheless, there are many examples of significant business needs that may require an application to be developed for that particular need. Here we have competent developers with years of experience in development based on Microsoft's technology platforms Azure, .NET and DevOps.

Examples of development tasks:

  • Developing applications that renew the company's products and services, e.g. IoT solutions or mobile applications
  • Developing applications that digitize and automate business processes
  • Integrations for older systems that are too expensive or risky to replace

In our development projects, we take pride in using the latest relevant technology and architecture, including for example:

  • DevOps for streamlined process management from code requirements to testing and documentation
    .NET Core for effective development and future-proofing
  • Client side development for good performance and user experience
  • Automation of tests for consistently high quality
  • Micro services for modularity and flexibility

Before we start, we will always assess what is the relevant development strategy. Eg. standard services with limited customization, low code / no code approach based on configuration tools or actual development.

Not just a development house

In addition, when ProActive goes to a development project, our customers benefit from the fact that we are not only a development house, but also have many different competences:

  • If there is a relevant standard service, then we always consider its use before we start developing. Similarly if it makes sense to supplement the solution with standard services, e.g. within AI or Flows.
  • Our UX specialists ensure a user-driven development focusing on the user experience
  • Our change management consultants ensure a plan for how to successfully launch and deploy the solution
  • Our Support & Operations can take on operations and support in close cooperation with the developers

Contact us if you have a business need and want a good idea of how it can most effectively be met. 


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