Field Service

Schedule service visits, optimize service technicians' working hours and create better customer experiences with a Dynamics 365 Field Service solution.

We all know the irritation at having to devote a whole day to receive visits from a service technician at an unspecified time between 8 am and 5 pm. When the technician finally arrives and inspects the problem, it turns out that the problem is a completely different one than first presumed and therefore the technician does not have the right tools to solve the problem.

Often companies' Field Service organization struggles with incomplete communications about time of arrival or the actual problem to be solved - resulting in wasted time for transportation, extra service visits and administration that could have been avoided and unsatisfied customers.

With a modern Field Service solution, your business can easily overcome these challenges and  significantly improve your customer service by:

Deliver service proactively
Predict, detect, and resolve field service issues before your customers even know there’s a problem, ensuring consistent and dependable operations.

Schedule resources intelligently
Dispatch technicians when and where they’re needed most, delivering exceptional on-site customer experiences while optimizing your resources and costs.

Fix issues successfully
Ensure your technicians have the time, tools, and information they need to resolve problems the first time, building customer trust and loyalty.

Connected Field Service

Prevent service calls by remotely detecting and resolving issues before they become a problem using IoT (Internet of Things) remote sensors.

Transform your business from a cost center to a profit center, moving from a scheduled services model to just-in-time predictive maintenance triggered by IoT data.

Get a 360-degree view of customer assets and define SLAs (service level agreements), so that you can meet and exceed expectations.

Provide predictable service that increases customer satisfaction while communicating proactively with customers through automated voice and text appointment reminders.

Gain customer insights by automatically sending personalized surveys after field service calls using Microsoft Power Automate.

Use Connected Field Service to remotely monitor and service customer equipment

Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to customer service. With Connected Field Service, companies will be able to leverage the potential of predictive maintenance to drive better business outcomes, not only to the point of sale, but long after the initial purchase as well.

Schedule resources intelligently

Dispatch the right technician at the right time with the right experience using AI-enabled scheduling recommendations and manual, semi-automated, or fully automated scheduling.

Seamlessly triage calls and dispatch technicians by combining Field Service with Dynamics 365 Customer Service to ensure a unified workflow while reducing operational costs.

Better manage resource assignments by using a drag-and-drop scheduling board and interactive map to schedule the nearest and most available technicians.

Optimize technician resources with automatic scheduling that minimizes travel time and maximizes utilization while responding to delays, cancellations, and urgent work.

Effectively manage asset history to keep technicians up to date or connect to Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management so you can synchronize data down to the truck level.

Resource scheduling optimization with Dynamics 365 for Field Service

This add-on to Field Service enables automated and optimized scheduling of Field Service resources.

Fix issues successfully

Give technicians access to in-context help using Dynamics 365 Guides and other mixed reality tools that provide immersive, step-by-step procedures they can use while conducting maintenance.

Provide additional expertise to newer technicians through Dynamics 365 Remote Assist video calls, allowing more experienced technicians to consult in real-time.

Continue to track all service activity, even when offline, including accessing work orders, customer data, and asset information.

Empower technicians in the field to manage work orders and appointment schedules, access turn-by-turn directions and customer data, and capture photos, videos, and voice notes with the mobile app.

Let bots help with locating customer and product information using Dynamics 365 Guides while in the field.

Microsoft HoloLens: Mixed Reality in the Modern Workplace

The era of mixed reality will serve as a catalyst for additional innovations in the workplace, helping businesses and their workers complete crucial tasks faster, safer, and more efficiently.


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