Azure Sentinel Proof of Concept

Make security incident detection and response to threats smarter and faster using artificial intelligence

The user-friendly and cloud based SIEM solution Azure Sentinel can be an incredibly useful tool for protecting your business no matter the size and IT systems. Azure Sentinel makes it easy to collect security data across your entire organization from devices, to users, to apps and servers in any cloud.

Here are some of the many benefits your business will be able to get by using Azure Sentinel:

  • A central and focused "near real-time view" of active threats

  • Automation of response to threats - either through best practice or tailored response requirements

  • Collection of data from all sources throughout the business

  • Minimization of response time and thereby critical time in operational or safety-related incidents

Azure Sentinel uses artificial intelligence to ensure you can quickly identify real threats and free yourself from the burden of traditional SIEMs by eliminating the need to spend time creating, maintaining, and scaling infrastructure. Built on Azure, it offers almost unlimited space and speed to meet your security needs.


How can we help?

If you are interested in taking the first step towards gaining the advantage of Azure Sentinel's many benefits, then ProActive can help you get started with our Proof of Concept (PoC). Our Azure Sentinel PoC unfolds during two workshop days and is composed based on ProActive security baselines.

The purpose of our Azure Sentinel PoC is to give you a concrete understanding of what Azure Sentinel can provide of value to your business. An introduction to how Azure Sentinel can strengthen your security profile based on your environment is presented to ensure that you gain a near real life Azure Sentinel experience.

During the two workshop days we will create an overview of your current infrastructure and data center platform as well as which requirements and needs your baseline meets today. During the workshops, your relevant data sources will be connected to Azure Sentinel. Standard Work Books and Analytics are set up in Azure Sentinel, so monitoring, visualizing and analyzing of your data becomes possible. This ensures a functional overview of alerts and incidents already during the workshop.

After the two workshop days, we prepare a PoC report which ensures that you have concrete documentation for your following work with Azure Sentinel. This report contains our safety recommendations to you, and a roadmap, with specific work packages, that describe your possible future implementation of Azure Sentinel.

With ProActive's Azure Sentinel PoC you will obtain:

  • A thorough understanding of the possibilities Azure Sentinel contains.

  • An analysis of your current security setup (including both your infrastructure and your data center).

  • A temporary setup and configuration of your Azure Sentinel solution.

  • The first step on the road towards launching Azure Sentinel.

Azure Sentinel – Øg din IT-sikkerhed og stop trusler, før de gør skade!

Skab næste generations sikkerhedshandlinger med cloud og kunstig intelligens. Med Azure Sentinel kan du få overblik over hele virksomheden. Brug cloudintelligens og intelligens i stor skala med erfaring inden for Microsoft-sikkerhed. Gør registrering af og reaktion på trusler smartere og hurtigere med kunstig intelligens. Slip for konfiguration og vedligeholdelse af en sikkerhedsinfrastruktur, og skaler op og ned for at imødekomme dine sikkerhedsbehov, mens du reducerer it-omkostningerne.

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