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Internet of Things (IoT) covers the growing number of small devices embedded in physical things. that collect and exchange data over the Internet. These devices enable us to collect, monitor, analyze and act on increased insight into e.g. an urban environment, a factory production line, indoor climate in a building or even the health and well-being of citizens.

IDC (International Data Corporation) estimates there will be 20.4 billion IoT devices connected to the Internet by the end of 2020 and more than 41.6 billions of units by 2025.

With IoT, your company can gain completely new insights into your products, services and processes that have so far been impossible. You can use these new insights to transform all or part of your business - renew your products, optimize your processes, engage your customers or make your employees even more productive and satisfied.

Think big, start small and take advantage of a standard platform

The road to your upcoming IoT platform needs to be planned and designed so that it not only stays in the pilot stage, but is further developed. Too many IoT pilot projects are stranded at the trial stage in closed silos and proprietary systems. ProActive recommends utilizing a scalable standard platform that embraces data across systems while meeting the highest standards of security and secure data collection.

Microsoft IoT Solutions

Azure IoT - simple, secure and smart

ProActive's IoT solutions are based on Microsoft's standard Azure IoT platform. Azure IoT offers a wide range of plug-and-play IoT services and secure connection of IoT devices. With Azure IoT, it is no longer just the largest companies that can join the IoT wave. Azure IoT is available to all businesses and organizations in terms of both technology and economics. In ProActive, we can start your journey with a preconfigured IoT framework tailored to your industry that ties Microsoft standard technologies together so we can test your business case fast. 

The successful IoT journey starts by choosing a standard platform that offers simplified startup, scalability, security and intelligent functionality that can correlate and gather data across different sources.
Kim Gregersen, Manager, ProActive

Microsoft's Vision for IoT

The Internet of Things presents tremendous opportunities for businesses, and at Microsoft, we believe it doesn't have to be difficult. The Internet of Things (IoT) starts with your things, where your things are what matter most to your business. Learn more about how IoT can help transform your business.

Hacking and security in IoT networks

The expected and strong growth in the deployment of IoT devices, combined with the increased security threat, places great demands on IT security. Microsoft is intensively investing in security and offers a platform that is constantly being expanded and enhanced with the highest security, from the physical IoT device to the Cloud.

ProActive as your IoT partner

ProActive offers IoT solutions where you can easily connect your IoT devices without worrying about security. In particular, ProActive specializes in providing IoT solutions to both private companies and public organizations in the following areas:

We offer solutions that cover Microsoft's entire cloud platform within both AI, IoT, Big Data and security. We also collaborate with a wide range of partners, within gateway, carrier or device vendors specializing in various industry segments.

Get easily started with IoT

ProActive can offer two ways for an easy and quick start-up, depending on how far along you are:

  • IoT Envisioning, a short workshop course that illustrates the possibilities with IoT and identifies the scenarios where IoT would be most beneficial to your business.
  • IoT MVP Pilot (Minimum-Viable-Product) pilot project, where with a pre-selected use case we quickly put your IoT project into operation with the help of ProActives IoT framework. Have you identified and engaged in finding use of these digital technologies, thereby transforming your organization to embrace these unique opportunities?

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