Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop

Flexibility and scalability for your virtual desktops

Imagine your employees being able to work from anywhere and doing so without compromising your company’s IT-security. Employees today, more than ever before, have a need to work remote and away from the traditional office desk.

You can introduce a new and modern work environment with Windows Virtual Desktop where your employees can work securely across devises and away from the traditional office desk. Windows Virtual Desktop will furthermore enable you in introducing a new and modern work environment whilst maintaining compliance and IT-security.

With the help of Windows Virtual Desktop, your company can easily save money, quickly adapt your external desktop to users and at the same time deliver new applications directly to your employees’ Virtual Desktops.

Windows Virtual Desktop Essentials | Intro and full tour

In brief, Windows Virtual Desktop:

  • Is a personal Windows 10 desktop that is always up to date and available from any device
  • Enables device flexibility and creates the opportunity for your employees to bring their own devices
  • Gives access to the Office 365 ProPlus package optimized to give the most productive experience to the user
  • Enables automatic scalability
  • Introduces new technologies that improve logon-time and application start
  • Introduces new technologies that improves security.
Windows Virtual Desktop

How can we help?

ProActive has created a Windows Virtual Desktop Process Framework, that guides you through the entire process of first realizing the need of Virtual Desktops to then having an implemented Windows Virtual Desktop solution that benefits your entire business. The first step on many company’s journey is ProActive’s Windows Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept.

Our Proof of Concept is based upon Microsoft best practice and comprehensive customer experience. Our Windows Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept consists of the following:

  1. Firstly, you will receive a presentation of the Windows Virtual Desktop concept in a preliminary workshop. The preliminary workshop is followed by a mini analysis of your existing IT-environment.
  2. Secondly, a minimum Windows Virtual Desktop setup takes place. This minimum setup makes sure that you gain the necessary insight into Windows Virtual Desktop and its business value.
  3. Lastly, a concluding workshop is conducted, where the Windows Virtual Desktop experience is discussed, your questions are answered, and next steps are discussed.

If you are already familiar with Windows Virtual Desktop and your own needs, then our skilled consultants are also ready to help you. We can help you through the entire process, no matter where you are on your journey when we have our initial conversation.

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