Data Warehouse Assesment

Get a review of your Data Warehouse

Can you and your colleagues recognize the following challenges?

  • The ETL job is hanging, and you have to tell the store again that the latest data or reports are delayed?
  • ou are unsure when it will be worthwhile to put your data in the cloud?
  • You may have some performance issues that you are struggling with?
  • You are unsure which facts, dimensions and reports are actually being used?
  • Do you have any doubts as to whether you have reliable data in your reports?
  • You are unsure how to easily combine data for ad hoc analysis?
  • The data architecture should be able to accommodate Power BI and your end users?
  • ProActive offers two different ways to meet these closely related challenges:

1: Full day workshop

This workshop takes as a starting point the overall elements of your current set-up and does an overall review of both your backend and frontend.
In the workshop there will be hands-on sparring and dialogue about wishes, needs and future opportunities.


  • Presentation of the latest developments, trends and trends in best practice on Microsoft's modern BI and data platform
  • Overall review and mapping of your backend setup
  • Overall review of your front end tools & reporting needs
  • Recommendations for data governance strategy

2: Complete Data Warehouse Assessment

At this Data Warehouse Assessment, we will together review your entire set-up for data sources, data integration and data storage for reporting and visualization.
This assessment may focus on specific elements of your solution that you think need a review, or we can review the entire solution in a standard process.

In both approaches you will receive specific recommendations for improvement opportunities of your current set-up and input on what you should be aware of.

We make use of our Data & AI End-To-End Excellence framework, which you will receive free of charge upon completion of the review.

  • A general performance and health check of your overall data warehouse solution
  • Review your current set-up for integrations, data warehouse and reporting
  • Suggestions for modernizing and simplifying your Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solution
  • Review of solutions for improved quality and performance

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