Power BI Masterclasses

Transform data into valuable information

For your employees to get started on using Power BI, ProActive offers training in the tool with our popular Power BI master classes.

Our Power BI masterclasses aim to enable the student to explore and present the organization's data, create beautiful visualizations, highlight developments, trends and find trends in the company's key ratios.

Masterclasses are for everyone and are designed for students at three different competence levels:


Level 1: You have no experience with Power BI
Level 2: you are already using Power BI but want to improve and increase your skills
Level 3: you are a data scientist and want to use Power BI for data modeling etc.

Practical details

The course lasts 1-3 days as needed and competencies. It is possible either to use ProActive's customized training material or to use the company's own data as a starting point. There is the possibility of either individual training or a customized course with hands-on workshop on-site on the organization's own data with up to 10 - 15 people. Contact us for a non-binding offer.


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Sales Executive
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