Change Management

Get more value out of your IT investments

ll new technology means change for people. We must never take it for granted that our colleagues embrace change right away - even if we intuitively think the new is smarter.

Everyone can implement new technology, but news and literature are flooded with examples of benefits not being realized, the desired change gleaming in their absence, employees becoming frustrated and the organization spending an unnecessarily long time dealing with noise and resistance.

Whether you should:

  • Implement a new sales management tool and your salespeople need to work in new ways
  • Purchase a new project management tool and your project managers will need to handle project management in new ways
  • Introduce the digital workplace and your employees are forced into new forms of collaboration and personal efficiency
  • Then we think your employees into the task - and look for users' needs and assistance.

Dedicated team of Change managers

New technology means changes for the individual employee's behavior and workflows.

We know that at ProActive. And that's why we have a team of dedicated, certified consultants who specialize in Change Management. Change management is an integral part of our way of working, and we think change processes into our projects. We actively consider the framework and the ADKAR model into the specific project and ensure that all aspects of projects are taken into consideration.

Ultimately, it's about making sure that value comes from the investments we make in technology and digitalization.

At ProActive, we work with change management on many levels and in many areas, including:

  • Change management in the roll-out of technology - based on the desired gains and changed behavior, we prepare communication and training plans with associated materials and events to support the awareness needed to get employees on the change.
  • The journey towards the digital workplace - we advise on the implementation of new, smarter and more effective tools - including Microsoft Teams - in the digital workplace, based on both the technology and the employees who need to help change their workflows and forms of collaboration. Here we provide transformation roadmaps, communication and training plans, and dress management and stakeholders to realize the change.
  • IT organizational change - we help IT organizations to adapt to “the new evergreen reality”, where cloud-based technologies replace existing ones and where the business places new demands on the IT organization's actions, capabilities and management.
  • User Profiling - a mapping of your organization's employee profiles and their digital needs, so that together we can make sure that each profile is equipped with the tools and license that are appropriate for their needs and tasks.

Change management is not an ad hoc activity. It requires careful planning, based on a defined vision and executed on the basis of a conscious strategy. We have several standardized concepts to build upon and design customer-specific processes that take into account culture, employees and vision. Our deliveries are often a mix of advice, strategy, communication plans, awareness materials, training plans, teaching and events.

We help everyone who is facing change - big or small. We have the expertise, experience and, not least, dedicated consultants who can help take the first steps towards a successful IT investment in your organization.


Christian Duus-Lund
Manager, Modern Workplace
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