Learning Portal

Give your employees an easy introduction to their new standard tools.

In modern organizations, the focus is on developing competencies and increasing productivity with the help of new, smart tools. But it is often quite costly to create the learning material needed to properly dress the employees in order to use the tools.

Therefore, we have developed a learning portal with ready-made courses that ensure that the company's employees are easily introduced to and can use the various new programs in the best possible way.

ProActive Learning

ProActive Learning is a user-friendly and easily accessible learning portal. With over 20 courses, we tell you "how" but also "why" so you and your employees can see the value in the various tools.

Our courses cover Microsoft's standard technologies, including Windows operating system and Office 365 applications for collaboration and personal productivity.

With ProActive Learning, all your employees can get the training they need at their own pace. You avoid the cost and the logistical nightmare of arranging training for everyone, and you can make the most of your Office 365 investment.

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