Provide your employees with all the capabilities in Teams and SharePoint and maintain the full Governance coverage.

Numerous deployments of Teams and SharePoint have proved that overview and Governance often are the first victims once collaboration spaces are released within the organization. The reason is that the Out of the box Teams and SharePoint does not address key areas such as:

  • Ownership
  • Naming conventions
  • Permissions and security
  • Content sharing
  • Proper decommissioning and archiving

Furthermore, a fair number of settings in Teams and SharePoint are not appropriate for your organization and should always be updated.

One of the main preconditions for a successful implementation of any collaboration tool like Teams is that the employee can create, change and decommission a new Team site without having to wait for approval from a helpdesk, their manager or similar.

At the same time, it is paramount that the Organization maintains control and knows what has been create, by whom, for which purpose, who owns the site right now, organizational ownership, current activity status, and additional company specific properties.

Workspaces ensures all this by providing the employees the option to request collaboration spaces from a portal, the intranet or similar locations. This request is handled by Workspaces, that based on your predefined template for such a collaboration space creates the space for the employee.

A standard version of Workspaces Teams Manager consists of:

  • Workspaces ”engine” in Azure
  • A Portal
  • Configuration of a Teams template including the Out of the box Workspaces governance properties
  • 2 additional properties of your choosing

Why Workspaces is the right choice for you:

  • Employees are empowered to create collaboration sites while maintaining proper governance
  • Flexibility – modular solution, easy to tweak to fit your needs
  • Build-in governance
  • Fast implementation model – no need for custom development
  • All data resides in your Office 365 tenant

Workspaces for SharePoint

Workspaces was initially created for SharePoint and contains numerous modules for managing SharePoint

Workspaces Teams Manager will also provide you with an option to start using those modules once it suits you. Hence Workspaces will both solve your current challenges with Teams and provide a platform for further enhancements.



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