Our values

We run our business after the following four core values


ProActive thrive to deliver flawless solutions and services where focus is on the basic business function. Quality is to be characterizing for technical delivery as well as process, presentation and behavior. The quality is to be aligned with your needs and will ensure that you get the best experience.


ProActive focus on delivering innovative solutions i.e. solutions that are both technological innovative or innovative in terms of processes and solutions that are closely integrated in the business context.
Our solutions are always a step ahead of our competitors in terms of technology, applicability and in terms of the value that our customers will gain from the solution.


ProActive is a trustworthy supplier that takes responsibility and keep our promises. Our counseling is independent and qualified and our solutions and services complies with the expectations that we create. Trustworthiness occurs through reconciliation of expectations and timely and consistent communication.


ProActive consultants are enthusiastic and deeply engaged in your business and your challenges and they are passionate about delivering consulting services and solutions that will meet your expectations.