Security, trust and stability

When companies choose to outsource part of or their entire service and support function to an external business partner security is crucial. It requires confidence in the provider's competencies and that they can deliver the required quality continuously.

Security is supported by:

  • A central point of contact 
  • Overview of ongoing cases 
  • Measureable response time
  • Availability 
  • Relevant and focused follow-up 
  • Competent and highly skilled consultants

Once this framework is in place, it creates calm to focus on the core business and the things that creates value.

We take care of your needs

This framework is the basis for ProActive’s work methods when we provide service and support for our customers. Our Service Desk is staffed by Danish speaking consultants who are available 24/7 in case you should need it.

The direct support is delivered by a dedicated Service Team with the relevant competencies needed to cover your specific needs.

Every case is handled through our service system where you will gain easy access, quick overview and direct reporting.