Business Intelligence

Make decisions on an informed basis and make essential information available to the entire organization

Business Intelligence (BI) is about having the necessary information to make the smartest decisions. This is not only for the top managers’ long term strategies, but also for the employees to have a concrete basis to act on in their regular work day.

With the right Business Intelligence tools at hand the management and the employees will gain quick and easy access to information that otherwise could have been inaccessible. Making it quick and easy to:

  • Extract data from relevant databases in a readable format 
  • Analyze and process data with a usable and well known Tool 
  • Present and distribute data in an easy accessible and manageable way 

User friendly tools

ProActive’s Business Intelligence solutions are based on different user-friendly products from Microsoft:

  • Excel 
  • Power BI 
  • Datazen 
  • SharePoint 
  • SQL Server Reporting Services

An integrated part of the business information platform

It is evident to integrate a Business Intelligence solution in the business’ intranet portal. In this way Business Intelligence becomes an integrated part of the company’s knowledge sharing culture and something that every employee uses to support every day decision making:

  • Presentation of key figures, KPIs and diagrams 
  • Targeted and personalized information (To ensure that every employee only sees what is relevant for him/her)

Get control of the dataflow

Besides being able to present data in an optimum way in terms of the end-user it is necessary to get control of the dataflow. ProActive’s consultants have many years of experience in analyzing and implementing ETL-processes from source systems to building data warehouses.