Get the right tools to support your business communications

Whether it is about internal or external communications there are many possibilities in supporting management, employee or customer needs. If you make the right choice and train your employees well, there can be a significant reduction of costs and consumed time.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business makes it very simple to communicate via chat, audio and video. Among a whole range of other features the service can host meetings with up to 250 participants, without the participants needing anything else than a current browser, a computer or a smartphone. Adding a feature license also makes it possible to include participants without Internet access so they can join meetings via fixed or mobile phone.

Furthermore it is possible to expand Skype for Business to include full telephony functionality for both fixed and mobile phones. This makes Skype for Business a complete communication and collaboration platform for the entire enterprise, that can replace legacy communications platforms. Also it is possible to use Skype for Business to improve customer service by allowing conversations to be initiated directly via the corporate website.

Skype Broadcast

In case your business needs to communicate to a big audience (up to 10.000 people), Skype Broadcast could be the solution. Examples range from collective briefing of many employees, partners, customers to training sessions and departmental communication . All content is streamed, recorded and participation in an event does not require any installation of programs or plug-ins.

Exchange and Outlook

Almost everyone have used Exchange via an Outlook client and many are also experienced in using Outlook Web Mail or using a synchronization via a mobile device. E-mail is typically used to the extent where it can be difficult to administrate and store without proper management and at best, only 20% of the relevant functionality is utilized.

Ignorance about e-mail and security can be expensive in terms of lost data or unfortunate dissemination of confidential information to unauthorized persons. Get a better utilization of your e-mail systems with one of our consultant.

SharePoint and Yammer

SharePoint and Yammer are often linked with collaboration and knowledge sharing but both platforms also provide an opportunity for employees and customers to communicate via various chat functions. This could be in an Office 365 group with collaborative work on a product, a campaign or something similar. 

Get satisfied employees or customers with an improved communication

With the right services, you can save a lot of time and money on travels and unnecessary waiting time on an available employee. Let us help you develop your new communications strategy.