Keep track of customer relations on a systematic basis

It is vital for your company to nurture and retain your customer relations. Therefore, it is important that you and your employees keep track of the knowledge and information you collect from your costumers and that this is done in a systematic way.

Get a customized CRM solution, that supports your business processes

ProActive’s CRM solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and can be customized to to support your specific needs and business processes.

ProActive can help you setting up and customize your CRM solution. We do this by carrying out an initial analysis to map your business processes and define your solution requirements.

Get a better overview, and share knowledge on customers, leads and sales opportunities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you get a better overview of your customers, leads and sales opportunities and it also gives you the opportunity to easily share relevant information about these.
E-mails, telephone- and meeting activities can be tracked quickly in Dynamics 365 through Outlook and thus you will gain insight of all activities within customers, contacts or sales opportunities at any given time.

Streamline your sales process and increase sales

A CRM solution supports a disciplined approach to the entire sales process: lead generation and a streamlined handover from marketing to sales, systematic registration of sales opportunities and associated sales activities to a proactive follow-up process.  

Performance/target management and reporting

Set ambitious goals for your sales organization, and let the CRM solution help you monitor ongoing sales in relation to your target, across territories, products, customers, sales staff etc., so you can improve prioritizing and adjust your efforts. 

Get satisfied customers with improved customer service

Give your service staff quick and easy access to updated customer information, so they are able to provide better service to your customers when needed. Get an efficient tool to handle service cases and to plan resources.  

Target your marketing campaigns and convert leads to sales opportunities

Exploit your knowledge on customers to target your newsletters and marketing campaigns in relation to your customers’ interests. Measure the effects of your campaigns, ensure systematic follow-up activities and convert more leads into concrete sales opportunities.