Integrated e-business solutions for B2B and B2C

Danish companies compete on shares of the global marketplace. They have to withstand competition from global actors or pure online businesses that challenges conventional business models.

The development is rapid and the customers have high expectations for interacting with you as the supplier whether this is via e-mail for sales, a call for service or a contact at a store or on social media.

Each customer expects that you have a full 360 degree view of your customer/supplier relationship. They will allow the use of data in return for a high level of service and a better customer experience. If you furthermore are able to advise the customer on emerging needs, you will get a satisfied and loyal customer.

The future customers expect that they can contact you and get service via all possible channels. Therefore, your business should have a MultiChannel or an OmniChannel access to the interaction with existing and potential customers.

An OmniChannel strategy will give you the possibility to achieve:

  • Increased sales opportunities 
  • Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty 
  • Decreased churn 
  • Competitive advantage and agility


Having an Omnichannel approach to your sales and marketing activities means that you interact with each customer in a coherent and meaningful way no matter what mix of channels the customer may choose to interact with you.

This lists a series of requirements to your company’s online marketing and e-commerce platform and will often be a part of the information systems such as your CRM or ERP system.

No matter what channel each customer chooses to interact with your company an Omnichannel set-up can access relevant customer data from different systems, to give you a manageable overview and thereby making it a pleasant experience to interact with your company.

The expectations will be that it is easy to interact with you as the supplier, that you know the customers history and ultimately can deliver customized recommendations and offer loyalty enhancing benefits. This calls for data collection, integration and analysis. Your customers are ready – are you?

How can we help

ProActive has more than 15 years’ experience with global and local e-commerce solutions and integrated self-service solutions. ProActive can help establish a solid and usable e-commerce platform.

We can help develop a strategy, clarification of needs, development and implementation, data collection, system integration, change management and more.