Learning Portal

A learning portal aiming to develop competencies through efficient learning

Focused adoption for understanding and using new technologies and workflows.

Modern organizations are characterized by a constant need to educate and develop the employees' competencies which is often costly for a company. ProActive has developed a Learning Portal to ensure that employees use the appropriate tools to be more productive.

The aim is to strengthen the user's comprehension and skills for applying new technologies in new workflows.

What are the uses of the Learning Portal?

The Learning Portal aims to develop competencies in the most user-friendly way possible. The portal adapts the user's needs depending on which role he or she might have in the organization. The portal has a simple interface, focusing on developing competencies through the right courses. Access is delivered within a few days and ProActive ensures that all standard courses are updated and available. New courses and training material will continuously be uploaded to keep you updated with the newest knowledge within the office-programs. In addition, the following options are available

  • User access to training in specific programs
  • User access to online training and tests in relevant programs and processes, for instants via a direct link from your intranet or project portal
  • Both users and managers can monitor the progress, earn badges and achieve certifications in relevant programs
  • Self-made courses for both new and existing employees and customers
  • We give you a package deal with adoption to give a great start

How can we help?

  • Consulting on how to deploy our standard LMS
  • Scoping your training – or guidance
  • Scoping a train-the-trainer process – or guidance
  • Implementing and adopting an LMS solution