Project Portals

Get the right tools to project- and portfolio management

Many organizations have an increased focus on projects to achieve the business targets within the wanted time frame and with an optimal utilization of the accessible resources. There is often a need for a tool that supports the processes and that fits the organizational culture and workflow.
The benefits from an investment in a project- and portfolio management solution could be:

  • Gaining overview of the overall portfolio 
  • Making it easy to prioritize your projects so that you get the optimal composition 
  • Better utilization of resources 
  • Better management secures project delivery on time 
  • Better communication in the project group and for the management 
  • Easy to locate relevant information 
  • Easy to find distressed Projects 
  • Support of the project model to ensure streamlined workflows

Choose the solution that fits your organization

ProActive understands that one solution does not fit every situation or organization. Therefore, we apply a variety of different tools that all contribute to optimal support of the project process.

All of our solutions focus on project management, portfolio management, process support and collaboration but in their own way. This is to ensure the overall process but also to focus on every sub-element.

All the tools have a solid base functionality and can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.
ProActive can advise and help you in the process of choosing the solution that has the best fit for your organization. Subsequently we help you set-up and customize the solution to your specific needs and we will be your ongoing partner as your project organization develops.