Microsoft Teams

Innovation streamlines productivity, collaboration and mobility

Office 365 is often compared to a Swiss knife because of the many tools and services in the package. If we are going to stay in this analogy, Microsoft Teams is a Swiss knife in the Swiss knife. As shown in the figure below, Microsoft Teams is an integrated communication and collaboration solution that aggregates well known and new tools into one single, user-friendly solution.

Microsoft Teams

What issues does Microsoft Teams address?

  • Groups solve tasks. In any organization - large or small, public or private - there is a need for employees and business partners to gather a group where information, documents and communication can be shared in a safe and simple way. The desire may, for example, be driven by projects, common interest or organizational needs.
  • Everyone needs to set up groups, but the needs of all groups are different. Ideally, each group should be able to put together exactly the toolbox that is relevant to their task.
  • Cooperation requires communication. Traditionally, e-mail, telephony, audio and video conferencing solutions have been separated from the solutions for sharing and collaborating on documents.
  • E-mail is a great tool for many things, but not for everything. With an email you can contact any person on the globe, but communication about the team's tasks and issues can be handled much simpler if it remains in context of the task and the team.
  • User friendliness is desired, but security and compliance are a requirement. It must be easy to communicate and collaborate on documents both internally and externally, but security must be ubiquitous. However, without bothering the users unnecessarily.
  • Support for full mobility and an always updated platform is a requirement. The organization must use the energy to develop and operate the business, not to patch servers and upgrade applications.

How does the Microsoft Teams solve the task?

  • When the need arises, the members of the group create a "Team" where they can, for example, communicate, share data and edit documents simultaneously. Depending on the organization's policies, it is possible, for example, to enforce name standards and check whether a team can also include people outside the organization.
  • Teams makes it easy to communicate with colleagues, business partners or members of the group. You choose the optimal tool for the task: chat conversations, phone calls and audio and video conferencing with up to 250 participants.
  • Teams will in the long term completely replace Microsoft Skype for Business, and many organizations can already make the switch. We've done it ourselves in ProActive and we are ready to help you do the same.
  • Teams is 100% cloud-based. In this way, the users' mobility, an always updated platform and the possibility that you are already moving all your company telephony in the cloud are ensured.
  • Conversations in Teams gather all text communication about the group's task directly in context of the task. This makes it easier for new members to get on board. Communication is no longer in the previous members' inbox.
  • Using Connectors, the group can collect just the toolbox that fits the task. More than 100 Connectors are already available for both Microsoft's own tools and third-party solutions.
  • Documents in Teams are automatically placed in SharePoint, but users do not need to relate.
  • Teams are part of Office 365 and build on the same security and compliance tools already in the platform.

Focus on value realization through utilization and use

Microsoft Teams is making its way across the globe, which is understandable. For some users, Teams will be the most natural thing in the world, for others a whole new universe. With ProActive's adoption services, we can help you reap the full potential of both Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft platforms.

How can we help?

As the only Danish Microsoft partner, ProActive is both certified Cloud Services and Cloud Platform partner, and thus we can ensure both that you build a secure and stable cloud foundation and that you come off to a good start with Microsoft Teams and Office 365 and none the less that you will subsequently receive the optimum benefit from your investment.
Contact us for an inspirational meeting, hear about other companies' positive experiences with Teams and Office 365 and become more aware of the potential for your business.