Digital workflows in SharePoint and Office 365

Nintex is a world leading producer of add-in products for SharePoint and is used by thousands of SharePoint users across the world. Nintex products expand the functionality of SharePoint and the possibility to deliver user-friendly and productivity enhancing SharePoint applications to the end user in half the time.

Nintex Workflow

Nintex Workflow is a tool that makes it easy and efficient to create workflows in SharePoint used for automation of business processes and applications.

Nintex Workflow gives the SharePoint power users the possibility to create both simple and advanced workflows in SharePoint. By using a simple drag-and-drop function in SharePoint’s administrative interface, you get the opportunity to create workflows without the skills of a software developer. 

Nintex Forms

Nintex Forms makes it quick and easy to create forms in SharePoint’s administrative interface. The forms are adapted to fit most mobile units, thus the end user will have easy access and be able to fill out and send in forms from their iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows device.
Nintex Forms is closely integrated with Nintex Workflow and can be used together with digital business processes and applications that are created with Nintex Workflow.

Nintex for Office 365

With Nintex for Office 365, you will have Workflow and Forms in a total package of Cloud services which you can download and install from the Office 365 App store directly from your Office 365 tenant. There is only a few limitations compared to the on-premises software.

Nintex Connectors

Nintex Connectors makes it possible to connect Nintex Workflow processes to not only Microsofts Cloud services in Office 365 but potentially to any given web service or application located in the cloud, including Dynamics CRM, Yammer, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

By using Nintex Connectors you can easily connect the organizations on-premises SharePoint environment with SharePoint Online sites (Office 365). By using this, it will be easy to:

  • Allow external parties to be a part of Nintex Workflow based processes both within and outside the organization 
  • Collect and distribute documents and content from SharePoint lists between on-premises and SharePoint Online websites

Nintex Connectors are included in the Nintex Workflow or Nintex Forms license.

Nintex Mobile

Nintex Mobile Apps makes it easier and more intuitive to access workflows and forms via smartphones and tablets.

Whether you are on the move or between meetings, you can respond to your digital processes quickly, easily and safely.

Real-time synchronization ensures that every changes in your workflows and forms are shown instantly on your mobile device, thus you will be able to work productively anywhere, anytime.

Nintex Mobile is also included in the Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms license.

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