Office 365

Microsoft’s cloud suite of tools to increased productivity

Office 365 is the name of Microsoft’s overall cloud suite of productivity tools such as Office, SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for Business, Dynamics CRM, Delve, Yammer and many more. Your company can get access to these tools as an online subscription service.

More and more companies are going the “cloud way”. This is due to the great cost savings when you don’t have to operate, maintain and update the software.

The fierce competition in the market for cloud services have resulted in a race in both functionality and price and this have benefited the customers. An example; the price on storage for SharePoint Online have decreased by more than 90% and in many ways the functionality available in the cloud versions are now richer than the on-premises versions.

What advantages can your company gain from Office 365?

• A significant cost reduction on licenses and operational costs compared to self-operation or hosting
• Your employees always have the latest software available
• Your company is always up to speed with the technological development
• Increased flexibility: You will be able to continuously adjust services in regards to your business needs, development and number om employees (subscriptions)
• Your company can have a more business oriented focus instead of an operational focus
• It’s easier to support mobile employees and cooperate with customers
• Safe and stable operation of services

Focus on exploitation and utilization

The transition to Cloud has moved the focus in IT- and optimization projects from the technical implementation, which today can be done with a few clicks and some simple configurations, to the organizational implementation, where the focal point is improved productivity and streamlining business processes. 

Thus, with our Office 365 implementation projects, we have increased focus on ensuring the employees’ ability to exploit and utilize the new services, this is what we call “User Adoption”. 

There are increased focus on questions like:

How do we ensure that our employees adopt the new services, become familiar with how to use them and that we can measure the actual value for business that a new service provides?

Which processes and user experiences can we optimize and which services can support this optimization?

How can we help?

As the only Danish Microsoft Partner who are a certified Cloud Service- and Cloud Platform Partner, we can guarantee that your business will get off to a successful start in Office 365 and that you will be able to reap the benefits from the new solution and thus make the most of your investment.

Contact us for a meeting, get to know other companies and their positive experience with Office 365 and learn more about the potential for your business.