Project Online

Streamline your project- and portfolio management with Project Online

Project Online is an efficient, flexible and user-friendly tool that makes it easier to get started with realizing your projects expected value for business.

Microsoft Project Online is a part of the Office 365 suite and gives project managers, team members and the management the right tools to support the daily tasks.

Stay organized

It can be difficult to stay organized, when you have to solve ordinary tasks while also participating in one or more projects. Project Online can help create a personal overview and an overall overview of all company projects. This increases efficiency and helps to ensure delivery of projects on time.

Ensure progression

With Project Online, the project manager has the tools to manage documentation, the time plan, progression and debriefing from the project and all of this can be managed according to the project management model. You can have project templates to all different kinds of projects. This makes is easier to follow the project model and to ensure that the users experience the solution as a natural part of the project process.

Optimize your resources

When an organization carries out many projects it is important to prioritize human as well as economical resources compared to the outcome. This ensures that the resources are spend at the highest possible benefit. Project Online makes it easy to work with budgets and to use these budgets in the overall prioritization.

Prioritize and create the highest value

Portfolio management is an integrated part of Project Online and thus the management will get immediate access to the latest project information. They can choose and prioritize the exact projects that will provide the greatest value for your organization. Projects can be linked to the overall organizational strategy and management can prioritize projects according to their expected value. Via simulation, the optimum project portfolio can be composed.  
Project Online gives you:

  • Project planning 
  • Document management 
  • Knowledge sharing and team cooperation 
  • Economy- and resource management 
  • Prioritization
  • Control of progression  
  • Management information including KPI’s 
  • Efficient reporting 
  • Strategy management

How can we help?

ProActive can advise you on implementation and anchoring of Project Online. Thus, you will reach the finish line much faster and ensure that the solution is set up to support your project model in an efficient way.