The enterprise platform for communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing

SharePoint is a platform that can be used to support collaboration, knowledge sharing and business processes both internally and externally in your organization. SharePoint Online is a part of this vision for the platforms scope and in ProActive we see hybrid solutions of SharePoint as the new norm.

SharePoint is all about how we work together and how we share knowledge. This platform gives you a simplistic user experience and helps organizing, synchronizing and sharing content. Social functions makes it easy to share ideas and get updates on your coworkers current work and interests and also bears knowledge about coworkers you have yet to get to know.

There is a close integration with all the different Office tools and with the latest version of Office all of the applications are fully integrated and are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows to Android, and from Apples iOS to Mac OSX.

Mobility in work is not only about having smartphones that we take everywhere we go but it is about being mobile in the entire work process across units and locations.


Social knowledge sharing

Share your ideas and knowledge, get quick answers to questions, and keep up with your colleagues’ current work tasks on the new social features of SharePoint and the close integration with Yammer.


Publish content on SharePoint from any Office application and share information with people inside and outside your organization with only a couple of clicks. This can be structured with either a tightly controlled Content Governance or with a more loose approach via OneDrive and Office 365 groups.


Share documents, keep colleagues posted on your activities and vice versa via smartphone and tablet.


Personal overview

Keep track of your projects and get an overview of your forthcoming deliveries and deadlines across SharePoint, Outlook and Microsoft Project.

Team overview

Create team sites in a few minutes, keep track of meeting notes and presentations, and assemble your teams’ emails and documents in one place with Office 365 groups.


Synchronize your content on SharePoint to your desktop with OneDrive for Business, documents will only be a click away – even when you’re offline!  


Findability and discoverability

Find experts internally in your organization that you didn’t even know existed. Connect with people in all of your organization and learn more about their interests, expertise and what projects and documents that they worked on. The search tool Delve works for you when you are busy and present relevant people and documents when you need them!


Get business insight and share this knowledge. Transform raw data into intelligible reports with Excel and share important business information with your colleagues in SharePoint. 


Find what you are looking for. Adjust and narrow down your search to come up with the most relevant results and get recommendations about which people and documents you should be interested in.


Apps in the Cloud

Create your own apps in the cloud based on common web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and oAuth with Office Add-ins that work across SharePoint, Exchange and Office.

Share and buy apps

Make your apps accessible to other people within or outside your organization or buy apps in Office App Store.



Reduce your operational costs in infrastructure and expand the scope of sharing by running SharePoint in the cloud with Office 365.


With eDiscovery Center, the compliance manager can easily identify and analyze company data from Exchange, SharePoint and Lync. Thus, he won’t need separate data stores and in collaboration with Azure Active Directory Premium, he will gain an even better overview of user movement and any hackers or threats from outside the organization.


Use more time on creating value for business and less time in administrating IT infrastructure.