System Center

Automate and monitor your company’s infrastructure

System Center offers your business a solid and automated foundation for the operation of your applications and ease the everyday life in your IT-department via tools for automation and monitoring.

The System Center Suite can help with:

  • Simplified deployment and patch management 
  • Monitoring of the total infrastructure from Linux, Unix, Network and the Microsoft portfolio 
  • Tools for management of private and public cloud applications as Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Relieve the IT-department in routinized tasks with everything from automatic creation of users to maintenance of the server park
  • Extensive CMBD with strong reporting options 
  • Centralized backup of servers, integrated with Azure

System Center ties it all together

With parts of or all of the components from the System Center suite, you will get an overview of your company’s IT landscape. This is regardless of whether your systems and applications are in the cloud, on-site or in a hybrid solution.

How do you get an overview of the possibilities?

We can help you map your current infrastructure and make recommendations in terms of optimization and best practice in the field. We will facilitate a workshop that will be the base for a specific solution proposal for how we can improve and optimize your infrastructure.