Azure Sentinel

Create an intelligent overview of threats and security incidents

Many companies experience a large amount of security threats and spend far too long combing and identifying abnormalities and possible incidents in the IT environment. Therefore, many experience a need for a solution that supports the business in focusing on the most important threats, thereby eliminating unnecessary noise in security work.

The easy-to-use and cloud based SIEM solution Azure Sentinel provides an intelligent overview of key security alerts and incidents so you can spend your time where it provides the highest security value.

Azure Sentinel uses artificial intelligence to analyse a large number of threats every day, filtering out the noise of the many activities. Thus, the service gives you a far better and more focused overview of the threats you should be aware of and respond to.

Azure Sentinel makes it easy to collect security data across logs from any device, including network, firewall, servers, IT systems, endpoints and cloud. This is independent of whether they reside in your on-premise environment, in Azure or in other cloud services.

Here are some of the many benefits your business can achieve with Azure Sentinel:

  • The ability to detect and respond to threats smarter and faster by using Azure Sentinel’s artificial intelligence
  • The minimizing of response time and thereby important time during regular operation or during critical safety-related incidents
  • The creation of a central and focused near real time display of active threats
  • The ability to detect patterns and changes from the norm as well as irregularities in your IT environment
  • The ability to collect data from all sources across your entire business
  • The opportunity to support your company’s use cases and categorize these according to MITER ATT&CK
  • Automation of response to threats - either through best practice or tailored response requirements
  • Makes it easier to maintain compliance requirements, e.g., in relation to GDPR, using historical reports that can document compliance with it
  • Automatic scalability so that Azure Sentinel meets your specific security needs
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