Enterprise Mobility + Security

With Microsoft EMS, your employees can safely work across devices.

Consumerization of IT and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are two concepts among many that describe how employees increasingly expect to be able to work across devices regardless of time and location. This increasing complexity of interaction between employees and work across mobile devices is essential for the modern workplace, but at the same time presents a new set of challenges for IT departments. When your employees start working on private mobile devices or log on to foreign networks to access your business data, it becomes more necessary to be able to control access and data protection.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Provide secure access to corporate email and documents on mobile devices while keeping corporate data secure--no matter where it is.

Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is a platform that can help you deal with these challenges. The platform supports mobile work and effectively helps your business manage and protect users, devices, apps and data. EMS makes it possible to control user accounts as well as control user access to apps and data across devices. At the same time, EMS offers an easy and secure way to share files with external partners, as well as the ability to easily and securely publish internal applications. The EMS platform lifts this task in five areas: Identity Access Management, Information Protection, Threat Protection, Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Cloud Access Security Broker.

Protect your cloud and on-premises identities to keep corporate assets safe

Add additional layers of security to protect your apps and data--on-on premises and in the cloud--with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. Discover the powerful capabilities of identity-driven advanced security that give you visibility and control to protect your identities and to keep your corporate assets safe.

Identity Access Management

As cloud environments and mobile devices streamline day-to-day business operations, the complexity of IT environments increases. As a result, many businesses are experiencing a need to simplify and manage the administration of identities, roles, accesses and rights. Identity Access Management helps to meet this need, as it makes it possible to effectively ensure that the right employees have access to the right data at the right times. This can be done by means of multifactor authentication and conditional access policies.

Manage user access to all of your applications with EMS

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security gives you the control and flexibility you need to successfully manage access to all the applications your users need on any mobile device they choose.

Information Protection

Control of emails, documents and sensitive data is essential for most businesses today to ensure that sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands. Information Protection helps to monitor and secure this data when it is shared outside your company's four walls. With labels, it is possible to protect sensitive business data, so you always have control - wherever it is stored and with whom it is shared.

Ensure data is protected while still enabling mobile productivity with EMS

Simple, secure access to resources promotes greater efficiency. Enterprise Mobility + Security is a mobile productivity solution for managing corporate data on personal and company devices. Deliver the control and protection your business needs while letting people use the productivity tools they know.

Threat Protection

At a time when cyber-attacks are increasingly advanced, it is essential to protect your business from threats both in the cloud environment and in the local environment. It is therefore important to have a tool for detecting and investigating suspicious user, resource and device activities. Threat Protection is a tool that lifts this task and thus protects your entire business area by securing identities, end points, cloud-based apps and infrastructure.

Address the challenges of the new cyber attack landscape head on with EMS

Microsoft Enteprise Mobility + Security delivers a holistic and innovative identity-driven solution with protection across users, devices, apps, and data. Discover the powerful capabilities that will help you defend against ever-changing cyber attacks, protect data from user mistakes, and detect threats before they cause damage. You can safeguard your resources in the cloud and on-premises with identity-driven security.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

In dealing with complex cloud environments, many businesses find that IT management becomes more complicated. Microsoft Endpoint Manager combines Intune and ConfigMgr, ensuring that all cloud environment management can be accessed easily and unified. Using Microsoft Endpoint Manager, it is possible to automate compatibility testing, implement updates faster and keep track of all devices efficiently and quickly. Therefore, Microsoft Endpoint Manager helps simplify IT management so that IT admins experience greater agility and efficiency.

Cloud Access Security Broker

Cloud Access Security Broker monitors and protects access to critical data across Microsoft or third-party apps in the cloud. Cloud Access Security Broker provides protection for all cloud-based apps and is built on integrations that provide flexible automation capabilities.

Power your digital transformation with an identity-driven approach to mobility and security

Deliver a holistic, innovative, identity-driven approach to securing company data while keeping users productive. Enterprise Mobility + Security is a comprehensive solution that provides everything you need to provide security across users, devices, apps, and data. Stay ahead of attacks on-premises and in the cloud without compromising the user experience.

Why EMS?

Using Microsoft EMS, you get around the complex issues that arise when your employees start working across devices, time and location. Therefore, with the help of EMS, you can help ensure that your employees and business can safely follow the increasing demands for work flexibility in the modern workplace.

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