Microsoft 365

One cloud platform for increased productivity, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud based product suite that includes popular applications such as the Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, Planner, Delve, Yammer and many others. Microsoft 365 is provided on a subscription basis, also called "Software as a Service" for companies of all sizes.

The Microsoft 365 tools can be used to strengthen collaboration and knowledge sharing in and between companies and organizations. At the same time, they are the basis for increasing productivity for both the individual employee and the entire company.

Microsoft 365 tools are constantly being expanded and improved, and one of the great benefits of a SaaS solution is that new features and enhancements are automatically pushed out to users. Thus, long upgrading projects are no longer needed.

An investment in Microsoft 365 is also an investment in increased security and easier compliance with GDPR-related requirements. The tools in Microsoft 365 include a number of security-related features, as well as a number of specialized security products included in Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365: A subscription to make the most of your time

Microsoft 365 combines premium Office apps with Outlook, cloud storage and more, to help you make more of your time. Whether you want to organize your week or bring your ideas to life, Microsoft 365 is a subscription that makes life more creative, organized and secure.

Benefits of Microsoft 365

  • Opportunity for savings on licenses and operating costs, including the ability to continuously adjust the number of licenses
  • Employees always have the latest software available
  • Increased security and GDPR compliance capability
  • Easier to support mobile workers and collaboration with customers
  • Focus on business development rather than operations
  • Safe and stable operation

Implementation, value realization and change management

Our approach to Microsoft 365 is focused on using standard tools and configuration rather than development. An implementation of Microsoft 365 is as much an organizational as well as a technical implementation.

The value of an investment in Microsoft 365 is realized only if the users actually use the new tools. With new tools comes new and exciting opportunities and it requires focus on change management.


MT Højgaard offers a modern workplace for their 4000 employees.


Case: B&O

B&O reduces IT operating expenses with Office 365.


How can we help?

ProActive is one of the companies in Denmark with most experience in both the technical and organizational implementation of Microsoft 365. Through our experience we have built up a number of methods and best practices for the implementation, including:

  • Preparation of business case and plan for value realization

  • Implementation of intranet and collaborative solutions

  • Implementation of security

  • Organizational rollout and change management / adoption

  • Advice on the use of Yammer, Teams, SharePoint and other productivity and collaboration tools

In addition, we have built a learning portal called ProActive Learning, where your users can access always up-to-date courses on all the tools in Microsoft 365.

As the only Danish Microsoft partner who is both a certified Cloud Services and Cloud Platform partner, we can ensure that your business gets off to a good start with Microsoft 365, and you subsequently succeed in reaping the benefits and getting the most optimal return on your investment.

Contact us for an inspirational meeting, hear about other companies' positive experiences with Microsoft 365 and learn about the potential for your business.

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