Automate and optimize yout company's business processes

With the Nintex Process Platform you will be able to transform your business with powerful tools to design, build, automate and document your processes. In addition, the Nintex Process Platform allows you to easily monitor and optimize the processes so that potential problems can be addressed quickly.
The Nintex platform thus consists of the following products:

  • Nintex Process Automation, consisting of Nintex Workflow, Nintex RPA (Robotics Process Automation) and Nintex Sign, to support and automate digital business processes with workflows, robots, electronic signature and much more
  • Nintex Process Management for managing your processes, including documentation, process design, collaboration, compliance, risk management, variances, Lean Tagging and more

Nintex Process Platform is thus a unified platform for the company's Business Process Management (BPM).

Why Nintex

Hear why customers and partners around the globe leverage Nintex for process mapping, automation, and RPA.

Nintex offers a large collection of "Connectors" that makes it possible to tie business processes together across applications in and outside your company. Here are standard "Connectors" for all Microsoft products, including Teams, SharePoint and Dynamics 365, and for others such as SAP, SalesForce, Oracle, Adobe and many others.

ProActive is the Nintex partner in Denmark with greatest experience in delivering Nintex based BPM solutions. Please contact us for a closer dialogue on the possibilities of digitizing your processes and what other opportunities Nintex Process Platform can provide you.

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