Power Platform

Create your own web and mobile applications without code

Several organizations want to get their shadow IT and 'semi-apps' connected to relevant data streams internally and externally. With the Microsoft Power Platform, anyone can build web and mobile applications without writing code.

Power Platform consists of four cloud services:

  • Power BI for analysis and visualization of data for increased insight into your business
  • Power Apps for fast development of customized apps
  • Power Automate for digitizing/automating processes
  • Power Virtual Agents for development of AI chatbots/virtual agents

Powre Platform

Together with hundreds of Data Connectors and Common Data Services, Power Platform tools allow you and your colleagues to easily and quickly create smart apps and self-service solutions that connect to both your own and external data sources. Business apps that make it easier to get things done in relation to administration, finance or projects.

Since the Power Platform runs on Microsoft Azure, you can easily connect the various services with both your own internal data systems and external data sources. External data flows are handled via the associated Data Connectors, while your internal data (in Azure, Office365, Dynamics365) via the Common Data Service (CDS).

Common Data Services (CDS) structures data and business logic from your apps (Office365, Dynamics 365, etc.) so that data is interconnected. This means that your applications, processes and data work securely and compatible across data sources and applications.

AI Builder is used to predict the results of the automations you make and is directly integrated with Power Apps and Power Automate.

AI Builder is a so-called no code tool with super user-friendly drag & drop functionality. This means that with a little flair for IT, you can easily and easily build AI chatbots / virtual agents without knowing the code language and programming.

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Grundfos utilizes the Power Platform for modularisation.


Power BI

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Power BI

Business Applications

Applications that streamline your business with solutions based on Dynamics 365, Project Online and Power Platform.

Dynamics 365 Business Applications
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