A modern organization's platform for communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The SharePoint platform can be used to support collaboration, knowledge sharing and business processes internally and externally within the organization. Communication sites are the foundation of the organization's intranet, and team sites are strong for collaboration and document management - also with external partners.

Streamline internal communication

Most often, SharePoint is the platform for the organization's intranet and has in recent years been given a major boost in usability and visual expression. SharePoint is easy to understand, easy to work with and very flexible when it comes to setting up pages and content.
With SharePoint's flexible news concept, it is possible to target news to specific groups in the organization and present them on the intranet or in the SharePoint mobile app.

Modern SharePoint

SharePoint powers the intelligent intranet, with beautiful employee experiences including new SharePoint home sites.

Collaborate and share knowledge with colleagues and external

SharePoint is a powerful tool for collaboration; both with colleagues internally in the organization and externally with customers and partners. SharePoint's well-developed document management functionality makes collaborating on documents secure, easy and flexible. Amongst others, you get:

  • Full version control and audit log of all actions
  • Advanced rights management
  • Finding the required documents through SharePoint advanced search engine
  • To define how long your documents should be stored via retention policies
  • To share documents with external or shutting down completely for external sharing on specific sites
  • To sync your documents to your PC and bring them on the go

It's hard to name Microsoft Teams without also mentioning SharePoint, and under each Team there is a SharePoint site where the team documents live.

Microsoft Teams

Document Management in Microsoft 365

Learn how Microsoft 365 drives management of content with the tools in Office. This demo will show you how to enable document management for your organization using Microsoft Teams and Stream.

SharePoint for process support

SharePoint is well suited as an application platform where the organization's processes can be supported via forms and workflow-based solutions. Get started quickly with PowerApps and Power Automate and unify everything in SharePoint.

Governance and compliance

Define the organization's policies for how long documents should be stored or when to delete them. Let users classify content via labels, or define automatic rules for rating and bind policies to the rating. Get a complete overview of all actions taken on SharePoint sites, incl. who has made what changes to documents. With SharePoint, you have a full audit log of your documents.


With SharePoint Online, your documents are always available, whether you are in the office, at home or on the go. The SharePoint mobile app also allows you to access the organization's news, sites and documents. With the app, you can also easily find the people you work with directly on the phone.


Modern Workplace

Create a good environment for job satisfaction and productivity.

Modern Workplace
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